OceanSpa Amenity Collection

Manufacturer: CDS Advantage

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The Ocean Spa Collection's salon formula with sea kelp is rich in antioxidants. This attractive tube program will appeal to your most discerning guests. Our spa formula has an enticingly subtle scent that will linger, ever so lightly, in your hair and on your skin. Our high quality formulas are well priced, please take a look and compare. You can choose any of our soaps to pair with the tubes, but we recommend our new starfish soaps.

  • Spa Conditioning Shampoo contains a Salon Formula with sea kelp, rich in natural minerals. This pale blue shampoo has a subtle scent and produces a thick lather which will leave hair fresh, clean and shiny.
  • Ocean Spa Nourishing Cream Lotion contain sea kelp which is rich in natural minerals for conditioning the skin. The rich white lotion leaves hands and body with a light lingering fragrance and a healthy sheen.
  • The dainty round white soap is embossed with a starfish design and wrapped in an attractive translucent plastic packet. Made from natural palm oil and enriched with organic aloe vera, this beautiful bar soap will be a hit with your guests.
  • Made with all natural coconut oil, palm oil and organic aloe vera, this attractive round pale blue soap is embossed with a starfish design, complementing the "ocean" theme of this line. Packaged in a tasteful square white box, this item adds elegance to any room.
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