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Our smocks are designed for durability and convenience, crafted from either a 65% polyester / 35% cotton fabric blend or an 80% polyester / 20% cotton fabric blend. Men, women, and unisex options are available with v-neck, zipper, button, and gripper closures.


These smocks are perfect for a variety of work environments, including barber, artist, painting, cosmetology, hair stylist, gardener, nurse, cleaner, cook, teacher, housekeeper, nail technician, salon, pottery, and dog grooming.


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Customer Questions and Answers

Question: Is a smock an apron?

Answer: An apron normally is worn over the front part of one's body. It commonly has straps attached behind the neck and strings around the waist secured by tying them together at the back. A smock on the other hand, is basicallya akin to a loose dress. You don it from over your head and it drapes most of your body adequately.


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