Get Fluffy Towels: Wash & Dry for the ultimate soft and fluffy towels

Get Fluffy Towels: Wash & Dry for the ultimate soft and fluffy towels

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So you want fluffy towels. One thing to note is , our towels ship direct from the manufacturer to your doorstep. They are compressed and shipped in bulk, allowing us to cut down on costs and pass the savings on to you. But here's the thing: when you first receive them, they might not look as fluffy and soft as you imagined. But rest assured, to experience the full effect and get fluffy towels, all you need to do is give them a little TLC. Simply toss them in the washing machine...And then into the dryer they go. And voilà! After just one wash and dry, you'll witness the transformation. The once flat and thin towel has now become thicker, and more plush!


The feel of wholesale towels may differ from purchasing consumer-ready or retail towels due to various factors. Retail towels are typically prewashed, providing customers with a sense of how the towels will feel after subsequent washes and use. This prewashing process helps soften the fibers, fluff up the pile, and remove any excess lint or loose threads, resulting in a plush and luxurious texture. While retail towels may offer out-of-the box fluffiness, it's important to consider that you are definitely paying a higher price tag for this ready-to-use sensationOn the other hand, wholesale towels purchased directly from the manufacturer are often shipped in bulk, which can lead to compression of the pile and the threads during transit. As a result, these towels may initially feel slightly compressed, firmer, or less fluffy compared to their retail counterparts. However, it's important to note that once wholesale towels are washed and cared for in the same way as retail towels, they regain their natural softness and fluffiness in just a couple of washes.

Ultimately, while there may be a slight difference in the initial feel of wholesale towels, proper care and laundering will make your towels fluffy and soft. Although your hotel quality towels require a little care before use, such as washing and drying, we feel confident that the value of buying wholesale will, in the long run, be kinder to your budget. We assure you that with proper care and laundering, they will live up to the texture and comfort that you expect. Whether it's for your vrbo, hotel, gym, spa or simply for personal use, our wholesale pool and bath towels deliver both quality and value.

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