How to do the Bistro Napkin Fold

How to do the Bistro Napkin Fold

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How to do the Bistro Napkin Fold. In this series of articles, we will outline popular napkin folds. Follow the step by step instructions and you can easily learn how to fold cloth napkins for any number of occasions!

The bistro napkin fold can be a great way to add an extra something to your table, whether for formal or informal dining. It only takes two simple steps and a few minutes of your time to master this technique. To get started, lay the bistro napkin flat on the table in front of you, then fold it diagonally into one triangle. Once you have that, pick up the top two corners of the triangle and slide them across each other as if tying a bow of sorts. Then, pull the lower corner of the bistro napkin outward so that it fans out around itself. This bistro napkin fold has been used by restaurants all over the world, but with a few quick steps, it can easily become part of your own home's decor.

Bistro Fold - The size of the fold can vary according to preference. This can be pre-folded by servers to save time.



1. Lay the napkin face up.









2. Fold bottom to top.








3. Bring top halfway down so both stripes are visible.








4. Flip entire napkin over.








5. Fold end over end from left to right.








6. Finished! Ready for silverware.








7. The size of the fold can vary. Silverware in the Bistro Fold gives a nice clean look.

The bistro napkin fold is an elegant and simple way to create a beautiful presentation for any dinner table. It showcases your bistro napkins perfectly and will impress your dinner guests. To begin, you will need four bistro napkins for each set. Lay out two of the bistro napkins, overlapping them into an "X" shape. Then take the third bistro napkin and fold it in half, lengthwise, and place it onto the center of the "X". The fourth bistro napkin should be folded into quarters before being placed at the center of the third bistro napkin. Make sure that all sides are flushed when folding each bistro napkin so that they remain neat and orderly. You now have a lovely bistro napkin fold that is sure to bring an extra touch of elegance to any dinner or event!

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