How to do the New Stripe Cone Napkin Fold

How to do the New Stripe Cone Napkin Fold

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In this series of articles, we will outline how to do the new stripe cone napkin fold. Follow the step by step instructions and you can easily learn how to fold cloth napkins for any number of occasions!Creating an elegant linen napkin fold to tie your tabletop together can be a challenge. The Stripe Cone Napkin Fold is a unique way to present linen napkins for your upcoming dinner party, gathering, or holiday meal and impress guests with your creative flair. Start by preparing four linen napkins of the same size and shape with all edges facing in the same direction. Next, make several sharp creases along the base of the napkin at every other corner from left to right to form alternating bases. Then, fan out each end of the now-stretched linen napkin one-by-one and start rolling them up into a cone shape starting at the center and ending at the pointed meniscus tip. When complete, arrange them on the table in a staggered pattern around two coordinating centerpiece pieces such as cutlery or flowers! Use the New Stripe Cone Fold - for a nice occasion that needs panache!                 1. Lay the napkin face up with stripes vertical.                     2. Bring bottom to top.               3. Fold left to right.                     4. Tuck first flap under.                     5. Tuck second flap under one inch less.                     6. Tuck third flap under, leaving one inch showing.                     7. Flip over.                     8. Bring left bottom corner to center.                     9. Bring right side all the way to the left, and flip over.                     10. Add silverware. Finished!    

Adding a unique napkin fold to your tablescape will add an extra-special touch to any meal. The Stripe Cone Napkin Fold is a simple yet impressive linen napkin fold that will intrigue guests and make them feel treated with extra care. It's the perfect accent for any table or special occasion, from wedding receptions to casual family dinners. Begin by unfolding linen napkins and pressing them flat. Orient the linen diagonally so that one corner lies against its opposite edge; this should give you a diagonal-striped pattern on the linen napkin. Now, roll both sides of the linen inward so that they meet in the middle; this creates a pocket between both sides of the linen. To finish, fill this pocket with flatware and secure the rolled linen with a decorative ribbon – and voila! This creative linen napkin fold adds an elegant complement to your table setting.

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