Mobile Display for Direct Textile Store

Jason Jason
2 minute read

This will show you how to view the product options and add items to your shopping cart when visiting our site with a mobile device. Many of our products have several options to choose from they are listed in a table format. When viewing with a mobile device, you cannot see the whole table without scrolling to the left and right.

To see the product table options with a mobile device, it is best to turn your deice horizontally to see as much of the table as possible.

Mobile View with Horizontal Screed. Just scroll over to the right to see the whole table

Next, click on the "CHOOSE PACK SIZE" drop down for the desired item and select the desired pack size option. In this example, you can choose a Sample, Pack of 12, or a case of 60 Pieces.

Then enter the quantity of that pack size and click the "ADD TO CART" button.

Then the screen should move to the top and you will see that you had added the item to the cart. You can then click on the link to go to the shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.

Note: Since we sell in packs and cases, you cannot edit the quantity in the shopping cart. You would need to remove the item and go back to the product and add the item again with any desired changes in quantities.

Direct Textile Store ships to all US states, including Alaska and Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

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