Table Linens are the Best Defense Against Germs

Table Linens are the Best Defense Against Germs

Jason Jason
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Table linen Vs bare tables

To the naked eye this table looks clean. But it’s not. Fact is, bare tables can be a breeding ground for all types of microscopic bacteria. Luckily, there’s a simple solution - table linens. Table Linens are the Best Defense Against Germs. They dramatically reduce the amount of bacteria patrons are subjected to ensuring that your tables are more sanitary. In addition, table linens add elegance and ambiance that create a more inviting dining experience. A consumer study reveals that diners immediately “upgrade” their perception of a restaurant when they see table linens. The implication is they may be inclined to spend more money due to this fact. So remember, if you want to rid tables of unwanted germs and create a more inviting atmosphere, choose Milliken Table linens.

What's the best way to protect a table from germs? Look no further than table linens like placemats, tablecloths and trays are an easy and effective way to combat the spread of bacteria. Not only that, but they also can add a personalized touch to any meal, whether you're having a small gathering or feeding a full house. Plus, when not in use, placing items around the home with decorative table linens like trays or dried flower arrangements will give your whole room an instant refresh. Don't be surprised when all of sudden it feels like you had a whole home makeover without breaking the bank!

Table linens provide an effective barrier and one of the best defenses against germs-- a crucial protection during times when everyone is concerned about hygiene. Table linens are available in a wide variety of surfaces, textures and fabrics to suit different preferences, and they can all provide excellent preventative care. Not only do table linens form a physical barrier between the dining surface and any food or utensils, but their structure also actively blocks air particles which might contain bacteria and viruses that are invisible to the naked eye. By regularly washing used linen fabrics with hot water and detergent, these microscopic perilers can be eliminated. Investing in quality table linens is therefore an easy way to keep your space safe and clean.

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