What are HACCP Uniforms | Food Processing Uniforms?

What are HACCP Uniforms | Food Processing Uniforms?

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Food Processing Uniforms, also known as HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) Uniforms are used for food manufacturing and food processing. Our food processing apparel include smock wraps, and food processing coats that must have certain design features in order to prevent cross contamination and remain clean and hygienic.

Features of HACCP Uniforms

No pockets above the waist — Pockets are very useful, but they’re also prone to trapping bacteria. That can cause a major problem in a food handling and food processing environment because the worker can accidentally transfer microorganisms to the edibles they’re preparing. Also, pockets can store items that may fall into the food or packaging.

No buttons — What’s wrong with buttons on a shirt or coat? Like pockets, buttons can trap bacteria. This is one reason why button-less wrap smocks are so common in food preparation areas. Buttons can also come off the garment and fall into the food or packaging. Therefore, there is typically wrap around closure or a concealed gripper closure used in food processing uniforms.

HACCP Uniforms

Durable fabric — Flimsy shirts and smocks can deteriorate after multiple washings. That means the fabric can begin to break apart and contaminate the food. For that reason, you should use industrial grade materials for food-handling uniforms. Research indicates 100 percent spun-polyester garments provide higher levels of anti-microbial protection as compared with cotton.

HACCP uniforms are food processing uniforms that are designed to protect food from contamination. They are made from a variety of materials, including polyester, nylon, and Cotton. The most important thing about HACCP uniforms is that they are clean and free of holes or tears. This is because any food that comes into contact with the uniform could become contaminated. HACCP uniforms are available in a variety of colors, but white is the most common color because it is the easiest to keep clean. HACCP uniforms typically include a hairnet, gloves, and a face mask. 

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