Explore our extensive range of wholesale towels, spanning from luxurious hotel towels to economical options tailored for hospitals, ensuring we have the perfect towel collection to suit your requirements. With wholesale quantities available at competitive prices, our bulk towels are the ultimate choice for a variety of establishments including spas, salons, hotels, motels, long-term facilities, restaurants, and more. Choose from a plethora of product types, styles, colors, sizes, and fabrics, available in convenient bulk case quantities or packs of 12, guaranteeing that you'll find the perfect towels to meet your specific needs.


Customer Testimonial

"I used the towels at a hotel while on vacation.  We simply loved them and now order them for our own home.  After washing them, they became as soft and fluffy as any premium towel that can be found at retail stores."


Customer Questions and Answers

Question:  Why are wholesale towels sold in packs?

Answer: Wholesale towels are sold in packs because it’s more economical. We can offer a lower price per towel by selling them in bulk, and our customers can save money by purchasing towels in larger quantities. 

Question: How often should you replace towels?

Answer: In general it is advised to change your towels very 2 years.


Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our towels to help you in purchasing the towels that best meets your needs:


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