100% Cotton 10S Towels & Wash Cloths, Intralin

Manufacturer: Intralin

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These economy towels and wash cloths are made of 100 % Cotton, 10 single open end yarn and have a single cam border. A perfect match for those in the industry seeking value. While these low cost economy towels generally meet the expectation of limited use, they will not withstand the rigors of long-term industrial washing, and are usually considered somewhat disposable. These products are purposed for use in environments that experience high loss or stains, and have limited wear-life/wash/hand (softness) expectations. We highly recommend you order a sample first to ensure the towel meets your expectations. Please refer to our helpful article for more information.

  • Color: White
  • Sold in Bales
  • 100% Cotton 10/S. Good for shelters and hospitals.
  • Limited-use (''almost disposable'') light weight terry towels and wash cloths used in hospitals or locker rooms, where products are either used for clean-up or have high loss/theft.
  • It is normal for these towels to have minor defects, discoloration, higher linting and a harsher feel (hand).
  • White Wash Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, and Bath Mats.
  • Bale Packed unless order in less than case quantities.
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness.
Hand Towel
Bath Towel
Bath Mat