80 Inch Round SoftSpun Table Linen

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Ships in 48 hours or Less


The SoftSpun 80 Inch White Round Table Linens, painstakingly created from 100% Spun Polyester, will elevate your table setting. This remarkable fabric outperforms regular polyester in terms of durability, withstanding up to 300 washings.

With its thicker cotton/poly blend texture, this white polyester tablecloth adds a touch of luxury to both the look and feel of your dining experience. Numerous washing do not fade the fabric and will produce an even softer touch. Spun Polyester also has better absorbability than 100% polyester napkins. Imported

  • 6.4 oz per square yard
  • Spun Poly Greater Durability
  • Heavier Cotton Like Texture
  • Hemmed Edges

Tablecloth 80 Round

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