Choosing the Right Room Towels

Room towels may be the hardest working members of your property. After all, we expect towels and washcloths to keep us clean, dry us off, complement our guests experience, and long lasting while easy to launder. When choosing a room towel from any our collections an towel categories you should consider the weight, fabric, and design and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Keep in mind our towels are engineered to withstand industrial laundering wichever you may choose!

Towel Weight per Dozen

All towels on our website have a fabric weight, measured in Weight per Dozen in lbs. This refers to the density of the fabric used to make that particular towel and the number (weight) is in pounds (lbs) for 12 of the towels.  Please keep in mind that when comparing towel weights, you should always choose the same size towel to compare! Our hotel room towel collections each have a pool towel, bath towel, hand towel, washcloth, and bath mats. These are all different sizes and all have different weights. However, if no other weight options are available for the same size towel in the collection, then they use the same fabric within the collection. It is best to choose the same bath towel size and then compare the weight per dozen between the two same size bath towels in difference collections.

Example: For this example lets take a 27" x 54" bath towel and compare them between some of our collections. Most hotels and properties use a size 27" x 54", but some use a 24 x 50 for better efficiency in costs and speed of laundering.

Towel Collection Category Towel Size Weight / Dozen
Serenade 100% Cotton Towel Collection Premium Hotel Towels 27 x 54 17 lbs
Oxford Gold Dobby Room Towels Standard Hotel Towels 27 x 54 15 lbs
Ecomony Towels and Washcloths, 10s Economy Towels Size not Available


As you can see that weight decreases from each collection. The heavier weight towels are more plush and typically have more condensed terry loops that increase the weight and density of the towel. The lower the weight of the towel the less terry loops the towel will have making it thinner and and faster drying. So in the example above, the Serenade Towel Collectionis a heavier more plush towel and can be found in our Premium Hotel Towels category. The Oxford Gold Dobby Room Towels are a little lighter and a little less plush and are found in our Standard Hotel Towels category. The third and final example is the Ecomony Towels and Washcloths, 10s which does not offer the same size, so its harder to compare. Economy towels typically max out the bath towel size at 24" x 50" and that is why they are not listed. Conversely, you will not typically find a 24" x 50" in the premium hotel room category because they usually start at 27 x 54 and up.

Lower weight towels are lighter and thinner, making them a great choice for a healthcare facilties, fitness centers, pool side, or budget hotels and motels. Also the lighter the towel, the less drying time when laundering. Most hotels brands use towels from our Standard Room Towel category. However, some budget hotel and motel chains use towels from our Economy Towel category, while more upscale properties use towels from our Premium Hotel Towels category. The choice depends on the needs of your business.

Our website has several categories to help you further refine your search for the perfect towels. 


We offer towels in 100% Cotton, 100% Ringspun Cotton, and Cotton / Polyester Blends. Cotton / Polyester blends offer lower costs and better resistance to staining than 100% cotton fabrics. Dries times also tend to be faster with blended fabrics. 100% Cotton offers a slightly better feel and absorbtion than a blend, but not as good as Ringspun Cotton. 100% Ringspun Cotton offer the best absorbtion and feel. You will find t100% Ringspun Cotton fabric in some towels in are Standard Hotel Towels category and you will find this fabric in all of the towels in the Premium Hotel Towels category. While all three are used extensively in the hospitality and healthcare industries, here are key advantages and disadvantages of each:

 Fabric Advantages Disadvantages
100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Best Feel
  • Best Absorbtion
  • Higher Cost
  • Longer Dry Times
100% Cotton
  • Good Feel
  • Good Absorbtion
Cotton / Polyester Blend
  • Lower Cost
  • Faster Dry Times
  • Better Stain Resistance
  • Not as Soft
  • Less Absorbtion


We have many options when it comes to room towels. Our wholesale room towels have a dobby or the design going across the towel. This dobby can also be found on the edge (hem) of most towels. You can put your mouse over any of the images and zoom in for a better idea of the dobby design. Or you can always order samples by clicking on the case quantity and choosing the pack size "sample" for any items.

Hopefully this will give you some insight before you purchase your room towels!

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