ADI 10S Economy Towels

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Ships in 48 hours or Less


Economy Bath Towels, Hand Towels, and Wash Cloths made of 100% Cotton. Sturdy 10 Single Pile yarns. Perfect for high-loss situations where budget is the primary concern. We encourage SAMPLE orders for the economy hotel towels to ensure these towels meet your expectations as they are intended for economy use, such as economy hotels, car wash, etc. Please refer to our helpful article for more information.

  • 100% Cotton 10/S. Good for shelters and hospitals.
  • Limited-use (''almost disposable'') light weight terry towels and wash cloths used in hospitals or locker rooms, where products are either used for clean-up or have high loss/theft.
  • It is normal for these towels to have minor defects, discoloration, higher linting and a harsher feel (hand).
  • White Wash Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels, and Bath Mats.
  • Bale Packed unless order in less than case quantities.
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness.



Hand Towel
Bath Towel
Bath Mat