Clara Clark Reversible Cooling Pillow

Manufacturer: Clara Clark

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Introducing the Clara Clark® Reversible Cooling Pillow, a game-changer in temperature regulation and sleep quality. Crafted with innovative cooling technology, this pillow works tirelessly throughout the night to maintain a comfortable and soothing environment, ensuring uninterrupted slumber for all types of sleepers. Rest easy knowing that this pillow is Oeko-Tex certified, a testament to its superior quality, and its dedication to your well-being and environmental sustainability. Tired of flipping your pillow over to the cool side throughout the night? It’s time to chill out on the best cooling pillow out there, a pillow designed with cooling fibers that truly keeps you cool. Bid farewell to sweaty nights once and for all. You'll enjoy nothing but peaceful nights ahead!

Double-sided pillow, featuring cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other side! With adjustable fill. Allows you to adjust the pillow's height and density by removing or adding foam fill. This allows you to customize the feel and fit of the colling pillow to your specific needs.

  • Ice fabric technology – no more sweatting and waking up to turn over the pillow
  • Removable washable cover – easy-care, don’t need to wash the whole pillow
  • Filled with infused cooling gel – nice and firm never goes flat and helps stay cool
  • Reversible to bamboo – so if you are looking for a cozy snug just turn it over.
  • Adjustable – zipper on the inside filling so you can adjust the firmness and Hight of the pillow, 1 pillow fits all!
  • Sold in Cases of 6 Pillows Only

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