Critical Care IV Patient Gown

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Same Day to 48 hours


Discover the superior Critical Care IV Patient Gown, expertly crafted from a blend of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester, ensuring both comfort and durability for patients during their hospital stay. Experience the transformative effects of smarter clinical design, optimized to enhance patient outcomes and overall well-being. With a U.S. patented status, this exceptional product showcases unparalleled innovation and sets the standard for patient care and comfort in medical facilities.

  • 42 Length and 66 Sweep
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Utility Pockets with Inside Slits
    • Holds drainage devices
    • Facilitates early ambulation
    • Eliminates the use of safety pins
    • Minimizes stress on incision sites
    • Helps minimize risk of infection
    • Provides patient comfort
  • Central Line Slits
    • Easy access
    • Visualization
    • Reduces line dislodgement
    • Minimizes stress on insertion site
    • Helps minimize risk of infection
  • Rear View
    • Over-lap closure
    • Eliminates double-gowning
    • Tie-side closure provides patient modesty
Patient Gowns - 55/45 Blend

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