Lifegown IV Telemetry Gown

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Same Day to 48 hours


Come across the revolutionary Lifegown, setting the new standard for IV gowns by streamlining inventory and enabling patients to wear the same gown during imaging studies. The innovative OneGown boasts a unique plastic snap designed to withstand extraction pressure of up to 400lbs per square inch, surpassing the market norm. These advanced plastic snaps provide the same level of snap action and durability as traditional metal snaps, ensuring both patient comfort and long-lasting performance.

  • Large offset telemetry pocket with oversized access vent hidden behind the chest pocket
  • Angle Back
  • Sizes represent length and sweep
  • Plastic Snaps
  • One-size fits most gown with overlapping back, v-neck design and 7 inch sleeves for improved coverage and patient modesty
  • 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester

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