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Economy Pillows are disposable with 100% polyester fill. These disposable cheap pillows are ideal for budget hospitality and healthcare applications. This includes hospitals, emergency rooms, prisons, and shelters who utilize bulk disposable pillows in high turnover environments. 

  • Ticking: Cloth synthetic fiber non woven, knitted in natural non compressed state.
  • Designed for ER or OR and outpatient facilities
  • Synthetic Fiber Non-Woven
  • These are wholesale pillows that come individually wrapped
  • Disposable economy pillows
  • Color: White

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Pillow- Standard Size

Different Types of Pillow Fill
Different pillow stuffings serve different purposes. Cotton fill tends to be more stiff than other fills but is gentle on the skin and not as irritating as synthetic fills. Cotton pillows do need to be replaced more regularly because they tend to clump together.

Polyester fiber fill, also known as Polyfill, is made of curled polyester fibers. These are some of the most popular kinds of pillows because they are cozy and fluffy, but also affordable and extremely durable. Maintenance is also easy because it is machine washable.

Other options include Down Pillow Stuffing, which consists of the undercoat underneath the feather layer on birds, usually geese and ducks. Down filling is soft, fluffy, and very durable when cared for correctly. You can also refill down pillows if they start to loose their fluff. Some of the down sides of down fill is that it is more expensive, and can be uncomfortable if feathers poke through. This is highly dependent on the quality of the build. A big downside to down is that many people are highly allergic to down.

Feather filling is made of the softer feathers found on the backs and wings of birds. Feather fill pillows are widely available, affordable, and easily moldable.

Bamboo fill has gotten increasingly popular in the last couple years because they are more eco-friendly and do not contain synthetic chemicals. Some say that bamboo is the most allergy friendly fill option. They are resistant to bacteria and fungi, and are also good odor repellents. However, they are more expensive and heavier than other fills.

Buckwheat Hull pillow filling is made of the outer shell of buckwheat seed. They are good at regulating body temperature and airflow. These pillows are highly durable and tend to be more firm, which is not the most ideal for all sleepers. Buckwheat pillows are not the best for those with allergies.

CBD/Hemp Pillow fill is on the up and up in the pillow market. It mimics cotton because of its softness and durability, as well as the fact that it's all natural. It's very breathable and maintains a cool temperature. It is insect and mold resistant. Hemp crop requires no pesticides or herbicides and the entire plant can be utilized, making this one of the most eco-friendly pillow options on the market. However, it does take some time to break in a hemp pillow.  


Customer Testimonial

"It is very difficult to locate solid economy pillows. These are very well made for their purpose and is perfect for what I need it for. I place big orders and store them in case they ever go out of stock. Best I have found in the market."

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