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Economy Pool Towels, 6 Pack- Design Assortment

Manufacturer: Ganesh Mills | Oxford Super Blend

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Perfect for hotels and resorts, our Economy Assorted Design Pool Towels are a great way to provide your guests with quality comfort. Crafted from 100% 10S Cotton, these low-cost hotel pool towels and hotel beach towels come in 6 pack bulk assortments of fun towel designs that will please all ages. If you're looking for extra indulgence or durability - we've got those options too. 

Explore standard or premium quality pool towels, as well as more economy pool towels options.

  • Loose Terrycloth Weave
  • 6 Pack Design Assortment (sold by the pack only)
  • Images shown are examples only of the assorted designs. Actual design assortments may vary from images shown.
  • Reactive Dye
  • Home Wash Only
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness.

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Pool Towel

Pool Towels Versus Beach Towel
Beach towels are usually bigger and more absorbent than most pool towels. They are typically more durable, due to their expected exposure to sand and salt. Pool towels tend to be more lightweight and not as absorbent as standard beach towels. The purpose of light weight pool towels is so that they are able to dry faster from chlorinated water and easier to transport in hotel settings. Dry time is also dependent on the towel's fabric. 

How To Pick The Right Towel
-Microfiber Towel: Compact and light weight pool towel that dries quickly. Ideal for beach use because doesn't attract as much sand as cotton or polyester towels. Easy to pack in a travel bag or suitcase. 
-Cotton Pool Towel: More soft, absorbent, and luxurious feeling than a microfiber pool towel. Cotton pool and beach towels are absorbent, more durable, and get even more plush after every wash cycle. 
-Cotton/Polyester Blend Pool or Beach Towel: Combines the benefits of cotton with the durability of polyester. This means you still get an absorbent, plush towel that dries more quickly than a 100% cotton towel. 

Whether you decide on going with microfiber beach towels, cotton pool towels, or cotton-poly blend pool towels, Direct Textile Store can provide hotel pool towels in bulk at the most competitive pricing with unbeatable quality.

Are Bath Towels and Pool Towels Interchangeable?
In short, no because they are not the same. Bath towels are meant to be more comfortable and absorbent to dry you off for your post-shower ritual. Pool and beach towels are thinner and more light weight, with the primary intention of drying you off, then getting dry as fast as possible. Furthermore, bath towels are usually not suited for use near chlorinated water, salt water, sand, or the sun. While you can always interchange plush, cotton bath towels with pool towels, it might end up ruining the quality and wearing down your towels. 


Customer Testimonial

"Our resort runs every pool towel through a chlorine and sun test to make sure the towels we purchase is durable enough to withstand our pool environment, while also looking luxurious and plush for our guests. Only towels that we've tried that has passed these tests has been 2 towels we got samples for from DTS." 


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