Emergency Bedding and Supplies

Direct Textile Store is ready to prepare first responders and disaster relief organizations with bedding and supplies needed for immediate use. We put together our best-selling, highly rated, low-priced towels, bedding, clothing, and more to take away the guess work and provide you with only the most dependable products. Bath towels are available in multiple colors for color-coded identification. Shop our one-stop shop for durable, low-cost, and warm sheets, pillows, and blanket options. Blanket specs include 100% cotton, thermal, and baby blankets to ensure that all needs are covered. Thermal blankets are especially important for extreme weather events. We offer snag-free thermals that are long lasting and help maintain warmth. Supplementary supplies like water-proof tarps, first aid kits, weather-proof mats, and cleaning supplies are also available for purchase.


Let us help you stay prepared, whether it be for a storm shelter, hurricane shelter, tornado shelter, or homeless shelter.