Hand-Held Mopping Tool

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Products

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Increase the effectiveness of your cleaning with our Wholesale Microfiber Mop, a versatile portable instrument that has been specifically created to handle difficult-to-reach areas like desks and chairs. This mop is perfect for a range of uses, such as cleaning whiteboards, blackboards, tables, and counters. Its design allows it to clean thoroughly and effectively in a number of environments. Its 16'' size makes it ideal for using with 18'' microfiber pads (separately offered), guaranteeing a smooth and customized cleaning experience for your particular requirements. This handheld microfiber mop is an easy-to-use cleaning tool to help clean your surfaces. It fits standard sized microfiber pads and cloths, and its sleek design makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver.

  • 16” Handheld Cleaning Tool
  • Fits 18” Microfiber Pads
  • Cloth or Wipe Holders
  • Great for cleaning whiteboards, blackboards, tables, counters, chairs, etc.
  • Case of 12
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