Hospital or VA Property Bath Towels

Manufacturer: KSE

Ships 24 hours or less

Hospital or VA Property Bath Towels, specifically designed for healthcare facilities. These hospital towels feature a distinctive blue center stripe with "Hospital Property" or "VA Property Not for Resale" woven into the fabric, ensuring clear identification and discouraging guests from taking them off-site.

Crafted from 100% cotton, these towels for hospital offer both durability and comfort, with a 5lb weight per dozen ensuring quality that lasts. Simply wash and dry them to experience their true texture and softness, maintaining their quality for repeated use in your hospital or VA facility.

Ensure your property stays where it belongs with these Hospital or VA Property striped bath towels, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your facility's needs.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Discourage guests from walking off with your facility's towels
  • 5lb weight per dozen
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness

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