Large Laundry Bags by American Dawn

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Ships in 48 hours or Less

Large laundry bags for housekeeping and cleaning staff are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. The laundry bag (comes with drawstring), stand, and replacement drawstring are all sold seperately. These items are all part of a foldable, stand-up laundry bag product.

This Laundry Bag Stand is folded for Knocked Down Flat (KDF) shipping. The stand is made from C1008/10 cold-drawn, galvanized carbon steel wire. This unit features a unique double knuckle locking mechanism that allows it to easily fold and be set up securely without the need for tools. The set-up unit is 33.25 inches high and has an opening measuring 16.5 inches x 17 inches.

  • Laundry bag, stand, and drawstring sold seperately
  • Available with inside/outside bottom loops
  • Cold-drawn, galvanized carbon steel wire
    • Diameter =  0.3125 in.
Laundry Bags- Poly Cotton Woven Blend
Laundry Bag- 70 Denier Nylon
Laundry Bag- 100% Polyester, Woven
Laundry Bag Stands