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Leno Weave Blankets

Manufacturer: Intralin


100% cotton Leno Weave Snag Free Blankets are designed with heavier yarns to provide a plush and substantial feel. These wholesale blankets feature hemmed ends, 6-inch selved edges, and a 3-inch center stabilizing band, ensuring exceptional durability and structural integrity. With its tumble dried and preshrunk construction, the blanket offers a snug and consistent fit, while its autoclavable feature makes it suitable for sterilization, providing both comfort and hygiene. Experience the luxurious comfort and reliability of our Leno Weave Snag Free Blankets for a truly cozy wholesale bedding option. This blanket is autoclavable.

  • 100% Cotton with heavier yarns
  • Tumble Dried, Preshrunk and Autoclavable.



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