Level II Isolation Gown by Pinnacle, Blue

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Textile Industries

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PPE Apparel has never been more important and our NEW High-Density Reusable Isolation Gown is exactly what you need in a time when protection from viruses, germs, and bacteria is vital. Made from 99% polyester 1% carbon fiber, this Isolation Gown is available in Light Blue with a length of 47” and a 58” sweep in size XL). An AAMI level of 2 which provides added protection in medical and other environments where static control is required. The ISO4758 is water resistant featuring non-stitched holes, tied back with high collars, and knit cuffs for added protection. Comfort and durability are always our priority so we made sure that this isolation gown continues to protect use-after use while maintaining the fabric breathability. At a time when the risk is high and the job is tough this light-weight Isolation Gown protects day-after-day.

Made to withstand 100 industrial washes.

  • Reusable Isolation Gown
  • Level II AAMI Protection Gown
  • Fluid and Static Resistant
  • 99% filament polyester, with 1% carbon infused filament nylon (105 GSM)
  • Size: (One Size Fits Most) 47 Length x 58 Sweep
  • Color: Blue with Carbon Pin Stripes
  • Tie Closure in the Back

Commercial Wash Instructions

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