Mammography Capes and Robes - Sponge Print

Manufacturer: BLC Textiles

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Featuring 100% Spun Polyester our Mammography Capes and Robe deliver optimal comfort and durability. These specialized capes are thoughtfully designed to streamline mammography exams, allowing technicians to position patients without the need for clothing removal. Perfectly suited for women's centers, mammography centers, and hospitals, these capes offer a convenient and efficient solution for enhanced patient care during mammography procedures. 

  • Cape, Robe, and XL Robe available
  • 100% Spun Polyester
  • 4 oz./sq. yd.
  • Reinforced Sewn on Belt
  • Sizing chart below represents Length(L) and Sweep(S) in inches

*These items Ship from the closest in stock warehouse to your shipping address. Available stocking locations include: Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Las Vegas, St. Louis, or Washington State


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