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Traditional Patient Gown

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Revolutionize patient care with our Traditional Hospital Patient Gown, which is exactly built for usage in a variety of hospital and clinical environments. With a practical overlap back style, this robe promotes ease and effectiveness trimming the dressing and undressing process for patients while emphasizing functionality. Boost the standard medical gear by combining traditional components with new efficiency, hence improving the whole patient experience. With convenient closures located at the neck and mid-back, healthcare professionals can effortlessly secure the hospital gown, providing comfort and coverage for patients while maintaining efficiency in their workflow. Please note that this is an economy version and is thin fabric - for a thicker fabric please see the Patient Gown - Twill Premium

  • Standard Cut: Length 40",  Sweep 50
  • Economy Lightweight Gown
  • Back Tie Closures.
  • Black Snowflake on Blue Background
  • 55/45 Blend

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