Pediatric IV Gowns, Solid Colors

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

Ships in 48 hours or Less


Update pediatric care with our Pediatric IV Gowns, which are crafted from 100% polyester in a variety of colorful solid hues. These hospital robes, designed with safety in mind, are naturally flame-resistant, bringing another level of protection for young patients. With these carefully made pediatric hospital gowns, you can ensure peace of mind and comfort in healthcare settings where quality and security are essential.

  • All inherently Flame Retardant.
  • Snap Shoulder Access
  • Color Dependent by size

Ideal Sizing

  • Size: XS = Under 1 year old
  • Size Small = 1 year old
  • Size Medium and Large = 2-5 years old
Pediatric IV Gowns

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