SW White Single-Use Thermoplastic Gloves P-021-098-WT

Manufacturer: SW Safety

Same Day to 48 hours


FDA approved, these SW White Single-Use Thermoplastic Gloves P-021-098-WT are food handling gloves that provide protection against chemicals and heat. Suitable for use in food processing applications, these gloves have low dermatitis potential and are made from thermoplastic elastomer that complies with FDA regulations. They are designed to prevent any potential contamination. Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) gloves are made by stamping a hand pattern onto two sheets of synthetic material. The outer seams are then heat sealed around the sides resulting in a flat, ambidextrous, single-use glove with a cuff and smooth texture that makes them easy to take on and off. These disposable, single use gloves are ideal for food preparation, fuel service stations, hair salons, hospitality, janitorial, nail salons, or any place you'd need extra sanitization practices!



Minumum Order Quantity is 5 Cases. (5 Boxes/Case. 1000 Pieces/Case)