Manufacturer: CDS Advantage

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TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ is enriched with pure ingredients and packaged using recycled paper and 100% soy based ink, the TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ line is one of the most earth conscious amenity programs available today. Bathe your guests in calming luxury with the natural look and gentle formulations of this earth conscious line. The TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ Collection is an elegant salon quality line made from one-hundred percent natural ingredients. Irritating chemical fragrances, colors or preservatives (like methylisothiazolinone) are NEVER a part of TERRA PURE®. While the attractive, environmentally sensitive packaging will appeal to your guest who cares, the light botanical fragrance will delight. Create a luxurious soothing atmosphere in each room your guests will remember with the TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ Collection. Each formulation in the line is infused with organic aloe, honey, and olive oil and are 100% paraben and gluten-free. The high-end formulations and beautiful design bring elegance to any upscale property while the soft features of the TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ collection add to the appeal. We are committed to selling products that are leading the trend in upscale design without destroying our Planet. Our TERRA PURE® GREEN TEA™ products were created with the environment and well-being of consumers as a top priority. We use vegetable-based formulas enriched with natural and organic ingredients. We assure the satisfaction of you and your guests with any of our lines. This product was never tested on animals.

Personal Care Kits Contains: 2 needles, 4 colors of thread, 2 buttons, and a small safety pin) 2 cotton swabs, 2 cotton pads, and an individually wrapped emery board.

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