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White Bed Sheets T-130 Economy Light Weight

Manufacturer: KSE

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Economical white bed sheets. Crafted with T-130 threads, these cost effective 
wholesale sheets and pillowcases are ideal for hospitals, budget hotel sheets, and shelters.

Constructed from a resilient blend of 30% cotton and 70% polyester, these wholesale bed sheets offer a lightweight and crisp white design (pieces sold separately) that is both easy to care for and machine washable, ensuring convenience and durability.

Shop for cotton flat white bedsheets, fitted bed sheets, and pillowcases that make quality, durable beddings. Benefit from our cheap, bulk-friendly pricing while enjoying lightweight, soft bedding.

  • T-130 Thread Count
  • Fabric Weight: 2.2 oz per sq yd
  • 6" Pocket Size
  • Lightest Weight Bed Sheets (for standard T-130 weight please see Twin White Bed Linens T-130, 2.8 oz)
  • Ideal use bed sheet for shelters and bed sheet for prisons
  • 70% Polyester/ 30% Cotton

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Care Instructions For Cotton Blend Bedsheets
1. The water temperature will not cause significant shrinkage or color change up to temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Chlorine, peroxide, and sodium perborate bleach can be used in limited amounts. 
3. The pH of the sheets should always be brought back to a pH between 5.0-7.0 before going through the drying cycle. 
4. Optical brightener is only recomended for white bed sheets and not recommended on dyed fabric because of the risk of color change.
5. The drying cycle can be completed in a tumble dryer or on a mangle. 
6. Laundry chemical suppliers can provide the optimal mix of chemicals for use with specific fabrics in specific laundry equipment.


What Is Thread Count?
Thread count is how many threads are crosshatched within 1 square inch of a fabric. This determines the thread count of the product the fabric is made of, like bed sheets, pillow covers, or blankets. This is based on the number of horizontal threads, called wefts, added to the number of vertical threads, called warps. For example, a 200 thread count sheet has 100 wefts and 100 warps. 


Customer Testimonial

"It's hard finding economy white bed sheets that meet the specs my business requires. I ordered a couple samples and found the perfect fit for our needs without needing to deal with the hassles of returns. I got great recommendations from customer service, which helped a lot as well."


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