Microfiber Mop Frames and Handles

Manufacturer: ADI American Dawn

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The microfiber mop handle is made with heavy-duty aluminum and a choice of three different frames. The wholesale microfiber mop frames and handles are easy to use and extremely durable. Sold separately, these frames and handles are built for the long haul, so you can be sure your floors will be cleaned quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Mop Frames:

  • Heavy duty 1mm aluminum microfiber mop frames.
  • Heavy duty plastic connectors on frames.
  • Heavy duty velcro across full length of frames / mop heads.
  • Velcro is riveted and glued for long life on frames and mop heads.
  • Width 3.75"
  • Available Lengths: 16", 22", or 34"
  • Microfiber Mop Handle extend to a full 70".

Mop Handle:

  • 1mm Guage Aluminum Premium Mop Pole
  • Handle diameter is 7/8"
  •  H-70-K-18:Universal Connector - Extends 39 to 70 inch - Aluminum 2PC
  • H-70-B: Bayonet & Universal Connector - Extends 42 to 71 inch - Aluminum 2PC
  • Check out this article to learn more about the effectiveness of microfiber, as well as proper laundering instructions to get the best possible use out of your microfiber product.

These handles work only with a universal connector on a mop frame.
While there may be a set or two of holes on handle H-70-K-18, they DO NOT fit a bayonet style connector. For bayonet style handle, see item # H-70-B

*Mop Frames and Handles are Sold Separately 

VIDEO: Learn how to assemble the mop handle to the mop frame

Mop Frames
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