Track all laundry operations via established metrics

It is truly important to benchmark and track all laundry operations via established metrics. All laundry operations are not alike… in product mix, finishing process, labor rates and utilities. But it is essential to establish metrics that can tell operators – on a daily basis…

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Recommendations For Handling Milliken Napery Fabrics

BASIC REQUIREMENTS: 1. Equipment must be free of burrs and sharp edges.2. Washing equipment should have properly functioning water level and temperature controls.3. Follow normal extraction procedures on cool (90˚-100˚ F) linens.4. Cleaning and waxing of ironer chest, and maintenance of roll pads and covers…

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Best Linen Napkins for Restaurants

The Greenie® and Lunchkin® Innovate “Lunch” Business For decades now, the paper industry has touted their eco-friendly and cost-effective messaging to restaurant owners and even consumers. While many believed the eco message, even more believed the costing information. The bottom line, is that neither are…

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