Types of Work Shirts

Work shirts come in all shapes and sizes are heavy-duty shirts typically worn for physical or industrial work environments. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for work shirts. First, consider the material. Cotton is always a good choice for work…

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Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame resistant clothing prevents the fabric from burning once the origin of ignition, either a flame or an electric arc, is removed. Basically, the fabric self-extinguishes and the secondary source of potential harm, your clothes burning against your skin, is suppressed. Flame-Resistant clothing is derived…

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User Guide for Flame Resistant Clothing

Information contained in the article is provided directly from Reed Manufacturing Company. PRE-USE: Read all labels provided with this garment. The suitability of this garment for its intended use must be determined by the end user based on an employer hazard assessment. Additional personal protective…

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