Percale sheets are sheets that are weaved with a percale weave. This is the most common type of bed linen weave in which the fabric is woven in series of vertical and horizontal threads that creates a dense crispy soft feel. The percale weave makes the bed sheets very durable and typically get softer which […]

Many mattresses today are made thicker than in the past. Quilted pillow tops and mattress toppers increase the height of the mattress that will require a bigger, or deeper pocket fitted sheet to fit over the mattress. So if you mattress has a mattress topper or your mattress is over 14″ thick, then regular size fitted […]

Bed Sheets manufactured by Thomaston Mills contain polyester and cotton fibers. The laundry care instructions can vary depending on the equipment used by various laundries but should follow the below listed guidelines. Wash water temperatures will cause very little variation in shrinkage or color up to temperatures of 160 degrees F. Optical has been added during the finishing process […]

What is triple sheeting and why is it important?  Triple bed sheeting is an efficient, cost effective alternative to traditional comforters or duvets.  It provides a luxurious, clean, crisp bed easily maintained by housekeeping which translates into savings in time and money. All triple bed sheeting components can be laundered after every guest which generates a […]

Wholesale Bed Sheets and Pillows Cases are made for durability and comfort. Typical bed linen thread counts range from T130 to T300. Where “T” stands for the thread count of the bed linen. All of the bed linens you will find at Direct Textile Store are constructed to withstand industrial laundering. Our wholesale bed linens […]