Washing Instructions for Healthcare Gowns

Washing GuidelinesHealthcare Gowns (All) 100 lb. Conventional Washer – Basic Chemistry Step Time Temp Chemistry Break 8:00 Minutes 150F Bleach 8:00 Minutes 165F 4-5oz/cwt Alkali, 3-4oz/cwt Detergent      Rinse 2:00 Minutes 150F Rinse 2:00 Minutes 135F Rinse 2:00 Minutes 120F Sour 5:00 Minutes 100F 1oz/cwt Sour…

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Wash Instructions for Cotton Blended Sheets | Thomaston Mills

Bed Sheets manufactured by Thomaston Mills contain polyester and cotton fibers. The laundry care instructions can vary depending on the equipment used by various laundries but should follow the below listed guidelines. Wash water temperatures will cause very little variation in shrinkage or color up to temperatures of…

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Motivating laundry employees

Summer heat is a tough time to work in any situation, much less inside a laundry. Here are a few simple ideas that have worked well over the years. 1) Lead with your sleeves rolled up. It’s really important that employees see their leaders beside…

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Track all laundry operations via established metrics

It is truly important to benchmark and track all laundry operations via established metrics. All laundry operations are not alike… in product mix, finishing process, labor rates and utilities. But it is essential to establish metrics that can tell operators – on a daily basis…

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