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This will show you how to view the product options and add items to your shopping cart when visiting our site with a mobile device. Many of our products have several options to choose from they are listed in a table format. When viewing with a mobile device, you cannot see the whole table without […]

Bleached is a chemical treatment to remove impurities and whiten the fabric. It can be done either in preparation for dyeing and finishing or to obtain clean whites in finished fabric. Bleaching is the procedure of improving the whiteness of textile material, with or without the removal of natural coloring matter and/or extraneous substances, by […]

Samples are available of most items, but are not available for all items and sizes offered. If a sample is available for a particular product, you will see “Sample (1) Piece“ listed as an option to select in the drop-down menu under Choose Pack Size for each product. Add the sample to your shopping cart […]

Bath Room Towels may be the hardest working members of your property. After all, we expect towels and washcloths to keep us clean, dry us off, complement our guests experience, and long lasting while easy to launder. When choosing a room towel from any our collections an towel categories you should consider the weight, fabric, and design […]

Guests often find a property’s pillows too soft or too firm; some, luckily, find them just right. Of all the items purchased by a property’s linen buyer, wholesale pillows are one of the keys to guest comfort.  After all, whether your property is a strict budget motel or a five-star vacation resort, the most fundamental […]

For all tables, we recommend a standard drop (overhang of your tablecloth) of at least 8″. That means the 8″ of the finished tablecloth will hang over each side of the table. If you would like the drop to go longer, perhaps halfway to the floor (15 inch drop) , or all the way down […]

Wholesale Bed Sheets and Pillows Cases are made for durability and comfort. Typical bed linen thread counts range from T130 to T300. Where “T” stands for the thread count of the bed linen. All of the bed linens you will find at Direct Textile Store are constructed to withstand industrial laundering. Our wholesale bed linens […]