Towels For Salon Use

When you’re running a salon, having the right supplies is essential. Towels are one of those essentials, and choosing the right kind is key to keeping your salon running smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of towels that are best for…

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Bath Towel Reviews

Customer Reviews of Bath Towels Direct Textile Store is proud to distribute high quality bath towels from numerous manufacturers including Ganesh Mills, BLC Textiles, and Makroteks. Oxford Miasma Bath Towels Reviews I own rentals and I transitioned all of them to these towels – they’re…

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What is a bar towel?

Bar towels are generally a small piece of thick absorbent cloth used in a bar or restaurant for wiping tables and cleaning glasses. Bar towels, also called bar mops, and bar mop towels, are thicker and more plush than kitchen towels, as well as, more…

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What is a Vat-Dyed Pool Towel?

Vat-dyed pool towels are the perfect addition to any summertime setting. These towels are specifically designed to resist fading, so you can enjoy vibrant, long-lasting color. Plus, the vat-dye process ensures that the color will remain true even after repeated washings. So poolside or seaside,…

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