Choosing bed linen thread count

Choosing bed linen thread count

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Wholesale Bed Sheets and Pillows Cases are made for durability and comfort. Typical bed linen thread counts range from T130 to T300. Where "T" stands for the thread count of the bed linen. All of the bed linens you will find at Direct Textile Store are constructed to withstand industrial laundering. Our wholesale bed linens will hold up much better than bed linens that you may find on the retail market.

As a general rule the lower the thread count the less expensive and generally less comfort but more durability. Lower thread count bed linens are typically used in economy situations including low budget motels, camps, shelters. There are many sizes available for T130 bed linens, so be sure to know your bed size. T130 bed sheets and pillowcases are the standard and most common thread count used in the healthcare market for hospitals and medical facilities.

T-180 thread count bed linen is the most commonly used sheeting in the hospitality industry. You will find this thread count and most standard hotel chains including Hilton, Marriott, etc. T180 bed sheets are typically offered in cotton polyester blends to increase durability. We offer imported or American Made T-180 Sheets. Some Healthcare facilities such as long term facilities also use T180 Healthcare Bed Linens.

T180 BedSheet

T-200 thread count bed linens is the baseline "softness" for the hospitality industry. This thread count offers a very respectable durability (through continual engineering with polyester/cotton blends), and still a very soft hand (feel). While original construction was 65% polyester and 35% cotton, modern construction is "reverse blend, cotton rich" - or 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This is the exact mix that gives the hotel guest that nice soft feel, and offers the hotel ownership a long life with stain resistance (through the polyester). Some upper tier T200 constructions are all 100% cotton, which has a much softer feel, but a shorter wear life and less stain resistance. Additionally, the more cotton, the more you have to actually "press" the product.

T-250 Bed Linens, and offer and even softer feel and high durability for easy laundering. Choose from tone on tone, stripes, and various white pattern designs. Most tone on tone stripe sheets are T250, but some are offered in T200. This is considered more of a luxury product, but the reverse blend offering is durable enough to establish that upper middle tier experience.

Premium hotel bed linen collections offer the luxurious high thread count of T-300, yet still maintain their durability for easy laundering. Choose from tone on tone, stripes, and various white pattern designs of these T300 Bed Linens. From this typical level, thread counts go up to T250, T300 and beyond, in luxury. The higher the thread count, the more typically made of 100% cotton. At the luxury level, it's all about the softness and the perception of luxury, and not about R.O.I. or durability. These linens are replaced regularly.

Choosing bed linen thread count is essential. You may choose a sample of any of the pillow cases from our bed linen collections. This will provide you with the example of the weight, feel and look of the fabric to help determine which is the best bed linen for your situation.

Direct Textile Store ships to all US states, including Alaska and Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

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