How to do the New Stripe Cone Napkin Fold

cone finishedIn this series of articles, we will outline popular napkin folds. Follow the step by step instructions and you can easily learn how to fold cloth napkins for any number of occasions!

New Stripe Cone Fold – for a nice occasion that needs panache!









cone1 e15186408869941. Lay the napkin face up with stripes vertical.











cone 2 e15186409571802. Bring bottom to top.








cone3 e1518640989180

3. Fold left to right.











cone4 e1518641281627

4. Tuck first flap under.











cone6 e1518641342616

5. Tuck second flap under one inch less.











cone7 e15186413888036. Tuck third flap under, leaving one inch showing.











cone8 e15186414147317. Flip over.











cone9 e15186415015368. Bring left bottom corner to center.











cone10 e15186415724019. Bring right side all the way to the left, and flip over.











cone finished

10. Add silverware. Finished!



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