How to do the Stripe Napkin Fold

How to do the Stripe Napkin Fold

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In this series of articles, we will outline how to do the stripe napkin folds. Follow the step by step instructions and you can easily learn how to fold cloth napkins for any number of occasions! Stripe fold - eye-catching and practical design.  

Learning how to do the stripe napkin fold is a great way to take your dining table from ordinary to extraordinary. This eye-catching fold takes only minutes to learn, and all you need are stripe napkins along with your own hands and creativity. You'll start off by lying one stripe napkin down flat. Then, simply stack the second stripe napkin on top. Afterwards, pinch both layers together and give them a small twist before forming the entire thing into a cylinder shape with its ends tightly secured. Now you can show off your stripe napkin folding skills at your next dinner party!

Stripe napkins can be a fun way to jazz up any table. While they may look intimidating, the stripe napkin fold is actually quite easy! Simply begin by laying out a stripe napkin face down in front of you. Then, fold the four corners inwards towards the center. Next, fold the central edges upwards and tuck them into each other to make a diamond shape. Finally, roll the outside edges in slightly before fluffing out the other layers so that they are visible. In just a few simple steps, your stripe napkin is ready to adorn your table with style!


          1. Lay napkin upside down                 2. Fold in half, stripe toward top             3. Fold right corner down             4. Flip over             5. Fold end over               6. Fold end two more times                   7. Flip over                     8. Tuck corner under entire napkin

- Finished!

There you have it, how to do the stripe napkin fold. The stripe napkin fold is perfect for a formal dinner party. This versatile fold can be easily accomplished by folding a stripe-patterned cloth napkin in half diagonally, then folding the two corners into the center. For extra decorative flair, you can further create newer shapes by overlapping corner points from each side to give your stripe pieces alternating directions of stripes. The end result is an eye-catching table accessory with a unique yet subtle stripe design that will surely impress your guests!

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