Laundry Instructions for 100% Spun Polyester Napery

Below you will find the recommended washing instructions for 100% Spun Polyester napkins and table linens.

White Spunpoly wash instructions

Wash Insructions for Colored Spun Poly

1) Alkalinity of break operation should be between 650°1500 ppm Na2O.
2) Refain from using FWAs in final operation. Unremovable yellow stains may result.
3) Amount of starch depends upon the degree of body desired (8-12oz)
4) Sour Load to pH = 5.5 – 6.5
5) If starching, do not extract below 25% water retention.
*The above formula recommendations are designed as starting guidelines. The products and actual formulas may vary depending upon the
machine size and type, soil levels, water conditions, product availability, etc.
IMPORTANT – For best ironing results on all table linen, feed tablecloths into the ironer leading with the label.

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