Laundry Instructions for Cotton/Poly Blended Napery

Load the washer according to manufacturer’s specifications. Underloading or overloading can result in poor stain removal or in setting wrinkles.
Use the cycle recommended for your cotton/polyester napery. The first step should be a warm flush to avoid setting greasy stains. This should be followed by a hot wash (150-160°). Rinses should be progressively lower temperatures.

If stains remain after one wash, add one cup of liquid chlorine bleach diluted with 20 gallons of water during laundering. Add bleach before putting napkins or tablecloths in washer only to remove stubborn stains.
BLEACH: Temperature 140-145, PH 10.2-10.8
Load the dryer to only 1/3 to 1/2 of the rated capacity. The will allow the tumbling necessary to eliminate wrinkles coming from the washer. Drying temperatures should be at least 30° hotter than washing temperatures. Cool down cycle should be maintained at 100°F.
Remove and fold tablecloths immediately after completion of cooling cycle.
To prevent Alkaline hydrolysis of the polyester, do not exceed P.H. value of 11.0.
Do not use softeners and bacteriostats that contain amonium compounds.
IMPORTANT – For best ironing results on all table linen, feed tablecloths into the ironer leading with the label.

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