Pillow Reviews

Pillow Reviews

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Pillow Reviews

Direct Textile Store offers a huge selection of pillows including economy, staph check, disposable economy, hotel, bamboo, micro denier, from Welspun, Clara Clark,  ChamberLoft®, AllerEase Professional Pillows, Platinum Choice, Goto Down Alternative Pillow, SleepTone, FOSSFILL² ® Fossguard ™. The following are pillow reviews we have received from actual customers who have submitted reviews through Verified Reviews, a third party review company. 

Below are some of the reviews we have received from customers who have left product reviews through Verified Reviews, an independent third-party company that specializes in the collection of customer reviews. You will find the reviews on each of the corresponding product pages.

Customer Reviews of Pillow

Economy Pillows

Economy Pillows are ideal for budget concious hospitality and healthcare applications.

Very good products for the cost!- Antonn R.

Great value pillow. I see why its your most popular. I bought a case to try them and I plan on ordering more from you.

Hotel Pillows

Hotel Pillows with synthetic down and hypoallergenic siliconized fiberfill.

Oxford Hotel Pillows

Very good quality and great price.

Excellent product, completely satisfied & would highly recommend.

Guests have commented that they like these pillows and wanted to buy them from us. Very good price for the pillow. I see why its the most popular pillow you have.

This seems like a nice pillow for the price. I also ordered the Oxford pillow with microgel and preferred that one. But these appear to be almost as nice!

Premium Hotel Pillows

Oxford Pillow with Microgel has corded piped edges with micro denier polyester that gives this hotel pillow all the characteristics of down.

I slept on this pillow at a resort in Florida and I loved that pillow so much that I ordered a case of them! Really helps my neck! I love these silky feeling pillows!

Pillows are luxurious.

Excellent price, in stock.

Best pillow I've ever used.

Love this pillow.

Micro Denier Pillow

Micro denier filled pillows are durable and retain their shape. Piped edging provides elegance and strength.

The pillow is a great quality if it is what you are looking for. Unfortunately for me it was too soft and didn’t give much (if any) support.

Once removed from their plastic they expand really nicely.

Fast delivery. Pillows are plumb. Should work great in our cabin rentals.

Below, is chart explaining the different pillow types and their characteristics:

Pillow reviews can help give you a good insight into what pillow is best for your needs. They are compiled after careful examination and provide an objective look at the pillow's comfort, support, durability and value for money. Whether you're looking for a pillow that is firm or soft, has a memory foam core or natural fillings, pillow reviews can help inform your purchase decision. Pillow shopping is important; finding the product that fits your individual sleeping needs will make all the difference to getting a restful night’s sleep. Before you buy your pillow, take some time to peruse pillow reviews to get a clearer picture of which pillow might be right for you.

If you need assistance in selecting the right pillow for your needs, please contact our Customer Service department at 800.615.5822.

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