The Difference in Hospital Gown Protection Levels

Here are the different hospital gown protection levels explained. Please keep in mind than none of the AAMI Ratings specify the type of gown by type of procedure. Each facility is ultimately responsible for choosing the right gown for the procedure for its healthcare staff.

AAMI Ratings for different levels of protection:

Level 1: Minimal Fluid Barrier Protection – Used for daily patient care, when there is little to no risk of fluid exposure. Generally, not used in the OR. Example: Please see our HACCP LAB COAT or our Level I Isolation Gowns.


Level 2: Minimal to Low Fluid Barrier Protection – Used when there’s only a slight risk of fluid exposure, for minimally invasive procedures. Shop for Level II Hospital Gowns

Hospital Gown – Isolation Gown

Level 3: Moderate Fluid Barrier Protection – Used for the widest range of surgical procedures, where the risk of fluid exposure is moderate.

Level 4: Highest Fluid and Microbial Barrier Protection – Provides protection against blood-borne pathogens in critical zones; used for long, fluid-intensive procedures. (This Level was strengthened by the FDA in 2016 and requires documentation of additional testing [ASTM 1671]2 on the part of gown manufacturers.)

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