Washing Guidelines
Healthcare Gowns (All)

100 lb. Conventional Washer – Basic Chemistry

Break8:00 Minutes150F
Bleach8:00 Minutes165F4-5oz/cwt Alkali, 3-4oz/cwt Detergent     
Rinse2:00 Minutes150F
Rinse2:00 Minutes135F
Rinse2:00 Minutes120F
Sour5:00 Minutes100F1oz/cwt Sour

Alkali: Depending on the strength of the alkali, the dosing can be adjusted (alkali’s vary from 24% caustic to 42% caustic).
Sour: The amount of sour depends on the pH of the water and water flow (could require more/less sour for easy ironing.

Chemical dosing is based on soft water.
If gowns have blood on surface, add an initial Flush before the Break Step (4 minutes @ 100F @ Hi Level, with 2oz/cwt alkali).
All chemical dosing is via cwt (per hundred weight).
Dry at 140F or less. Do not over dry. Do not dry at high temperatures.

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