Bed SheetsWhat is triple sheeting and why is it important?  Triple bed sheeting is an efficient, cost effective alternative to traditional comforters or duvets.  It provides a luxurious, clean, crisp bed easily maintained by housekeeping which translates into savings in time and money.

  • All triple bed sheeting components can be laundered after every guest which generates a more sanitary environment
  • Replacing a bedspread with a single additional sheet reduces overall purchasing and laundering costs
  • Triple sheeting is an easy process that increases housekeeping efficiency

Triple Bed Sheeting 101 –
1. Cover the mattress with a fitted sheet or flat sheet tucked on all sides
2. Add the second layer by placing the top hem of a flat sheet so it is even with the top of the mattress
3. Layer a lightweight blanket approximately 6” below the top of the mattress
4. Place a decorative top sheet over the blanket – the top hem even with the top of the mattress
5. Fold both flat sheets down about 6” followed by an additional 6” fold to include the hospitality blanket
6. Finish the look by tucking everything beneath the foot of the mattress and tailor the sides, accessorize with cushions and bed runners for a fresh, modern look

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