Reed Manufacturing

High performance work garments with the look and feel of casual wear. When you put on a REED uniform, the garment’s good looks, comfortable fit and fine detailing might make you think you are dressing for leisure instead of labor. Take it out on the job and its “tough-as-nails” performance and durability reveals the true colors of this sturdy, dependable work partner. Uniform apparel blended with fashion industry experience. This uncommon blend of form and function-style and substance–is the heart of the REED difference. And it could only come from a company with the unique, dual-background in fashion and uniform apparel that spans eight decades. Since 1919, REED has specialized in functional uniform trousers, jeans, shorts, shirts, and a broad range of fashion apparel for some of the nation’s best known designer, branded and retail private label programs. Names like Levi, Arizona, St. John’s Bay and Hunt Club have been manufactured by REED for companies like JC Penney and Sears. Work-wear with a difference. You can count on REED for premium quality apparel made to meet the performance, image and comfort demands of both today’s employers and workers. Our speciality garments offer a distinctive alternative to conventional private label or generic industrial uniforms. Fast response to customer needs. Just because we’ve been around since 1919 doesn’t mean we’re slow! You’ll find REED provides “on-target” response to customer needs. In fact, that’s the basis of our business relationships that are measured in decades.

How does REED do it? We listen. We eliminate unnecessary layers of personnel between customer and company. We nurture the flow of communication with imaginative, responsive attention and combine it with unmatched fashion and uniform expertise to translate customer needs into functional reality.

The result? You get industrial apparel with added dimensions far beyond the basics. You get garments that are distinguished by exceptional fabrics and colors, outstanding simplicity of design, and scores of finely crafted features and details that enhance fit, appearance, and performance while minimizing failure throughout even the hardest day’s work.