BLC Textiles 10XL Bariatric TIV Patient Gown

Manufacturer: BLC Textiles

Ships in 48 hours or Less


For comfort and functionality, the BLC Textile 10XL Bariatric TIV Patient Gowns have a beige sponge print on a pure white fabric. These gowns, designed for durability and ease of use, provide enough coverage while also adding a fashionable touch for bariatric patients. Improve patient care with our quality-driven design, which is tailored to the demands of larger individuals.

  • Sizes Represent 52" Length and 109" Sweep
  • Angle Back
  • 2 x 1 Twill
  • Telemetry Pocket
  • 100% Spun Polyester in 4 oz /sq. yd.

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