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Cabana Stripe Beach Towels -Economy Vat Dyed

Manufacturer: Ganesh Mills | Oxford Super Blend

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Our Cabana Stripe Pool Towels are the perfect combination of style and function. These bulk beach towels are made with 100% cotton and feature vibrant vat-dyed yarns with classic 2X2 cabana stripes, making them perfect for a variety of settings.

These cabana stripe beach towels come in three bold colors – yellow, blue, and green beach towels – so you can choose the one that best reflects your establishment’s style. Washable and chlorine fastness, these hotel pool towels make excellent gifts or a great addition to retail offerings at gift shops or hotel pool areas. 

  • 2 x 2 Cabana Stripes
  • These Oxford cabana towels have Vat Dyed Stripes for Color Retention
  • 2 ply / 20s
  • Ringspun piles
  • Highly reviewed bulk beach towels and pool towels
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness.


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Vat-Dyed Towels
Vat dyed towels are made to be able to resist fading due to sun, bleach, and chlorine exposure. This ensures a towel that is long lasting and maintains its vibrancy. Vat-dyed towels make sure your towel will keep looking good after beach and pool use. 
Vat-dying is a dying process that utilizes a water-insoluble dye applied directly to the fiber that the fabric will be woven with. Although the resulting color is not as bright as colors that have been reactive-dyed, they provide many other benefits which make it a very popular and highly utilized dying process. The resulting fabric made from vat-dyed threads are color-fast, which means they do not bleed dye when exposed to water, and have much longer color retention than other methods of dying. Vat-dyed products are usually more expensive, but the resulting product has a much more saturated and uniform dye job and is able to withstand harsh chemicals, like chlorine and insutrial laundering agents. 


Customer Testimonial

"Vat-dyed towels are the way to go. Never going back to any other kind of pool towel after using these. They still look brand new after a long pool season and able to send them to my laundry service no problem."


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