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Cabana Stripe Towels, Economy, Assorted Colors

Manufacturer: Ganesh Mills | Oxford Super Blend

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Elevate your pool time with our Economy Cabana Stripe Pool Towels, featuring 100% cotton and adorned with stylish 2X2 cabana color stripes. These bulk beach towels offer unparalleled value, catering to both retail customers seeking to enhance their gift shops with vibrant and fashionable cabana stripe towels, as well as wholesale towel buyers in search of an affordable economy solution. To ensure these towels meet your expectations, we strongly encourage sample orders, allowing you to experience their quality firsthand.

Refresh your summer getaways with Economy Cabana Stripe Pool Towels, which are crafted of 100% cotton and have stylish 2X2 cabana color stripes! These bulk beach towels offer unbeatable value for both retail customers looking to spruce up their gift shops with cabana stripe beach towels or wholesale buyers wanting a lower-end economy solution for colorful beach towels.  We encourage sample orders to ensure these towels meet your expectations. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Economy quality towels. 
  • 2 ply / 20s
  • Assorted Colors: Cases that are "assorted" means that they will contain mix bag of assorted colors from Aqua, Parrot Green, Orange, Navy, Purple, and Fuschia
  • Retail/Home Wash Only - Reactive dyed bright colors can bleed
  • Wash and dry to experience the true texture and softness

Note that a sample contains only one towel


For fade resistant colors, please see the Vat Dyed Cabana Stripe Towels


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What is a 10S towel?
10S stands for "10 Singles" and refers to the weight of the thread being used. The higher the thread weight number, the softer the fabric and the tighter the weave can be. For example, a 10S towel would have a harsher feel than a 16S towel. 10S is usually used for economy towels, like those used in high turnover environments like gyms, shelters, etc. 

O/E Versus Ringspun
Another factor that affects the feel of a towel is whether its O/E or ringspun. O/E stands for open-end and is the standard method for spinning yarn. Ringspun yarns are OE yarns that go through an additional process to make the yarns finer and softer. Ringspun yarns are going to be of higher quality and produce more premnium towels. Ringspun yarns are usually 16S or higher. 

10S O/E Economy Towels
10S O/E cotton products are usually thinner and coarser than 16S (and higher) O/E or 16S (and higher) ringspun. 10S O/E products are the most basic woven product and are made for institutional and throw-away environments. This includes settings that do not require a soft hand, like locker rooms and hospitals. 10S O/E towels are economy towels that meet the needs for limited use and will not be able to last very long with industrial washing processes. 


Customer Testimonial

"These pool towels are perfect for summer camp. They get the job done and dry up pretty fast. They've lasted way longer than expected and are easy to wash. We use regular detergent and any mud stains have come out easily."


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